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  1. Who we are:

Wrightia, S.A., public limited company based at Rua António Champalimaud, Edificio 3, 1600-514 Lisboa NIPC: 50781221

  1. What are cookies:

A cookie is a small text file that identifies your computer on our server. It is a common practice on the internet because it allows the user to be recognized while doing his searches on the internet. For example, when a User returns to the previous page of a website, the cookie allows him to return to that page with the preferences that the User had previously selected, for example the language.

Some cookies contain personal data (for example when the user uses "remember me", the cookie stores the user name, which may consist of the name of the data subject), but others do not store personal data.

  1. What cookies do we use:

This site does not use cookies.