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Wrightia development skills and know-how allows the delivery of custom designed systems using the tools and frameworks that best fit our customers. Our mixed team combines:

  • user interface design skills and a strong focus on usability
  • business process knowledge acquired in years of delivering projects in different sectors and
  • in-depth knowledge of complex architectures

Allows the development of any size system while maintaining a clear view of its context within the overall IT architecture, its business purpose and what design will make its users most efficient and effective.

What do we develop

Data analysis applications

We combine software, data, and integration architecture allowing the processing of large volumes of data to deliver business value that goes beyond traditional BI or Big Data buzz.

Software development

Wrightia developed several custom applications integrating our customer's different systems allowing them to become more agile while saving a couple of millions.

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Our team experience and knowledge on all stacks of technology delivery, including business process and user efficiency provide you with a unique toolset to deliver a system that fits your goals.

Success client story


We built a cloud-based software that is being used by several hundred users from different companies helping to manage sales campaigns, figuring out their off-the-shelf rotation, among others.

The system handles more than 500 million records of sales and stock data delivering powerful KPIs for Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies near real-time.

We reversed engineering the Siebel product configuration rules in order to build a process that continuously evaluates deprecated product rules allowing the corrections to be made proactively instead of reactive by customer calls or campaigns errors.

With this system, a Telecom company increased the productivity of the back-office team, reducing drastically the necessary work of reactively implementing product corrections.

Some of the technology we use
Rails Java Vue.js