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At its core, Wrightia is an integration company.

We know how to build integration architectures, we know how to develop services and REST wisely and efficiently, we know how to manage thousands of services.

Optimizing, identifying bottlenecks on complex dependencies that slow down or stall transactions and migrating really complex integration architectures in operations that can never stop is something we do on a daily basis.

What we do

Integration architectures

Whether designing from scratch, or to accommodate an existing and expanding business, we can design and calculate the optimal architecture for integrating and orchestrating transactions, connecting all the dots ...

Build simple or complex service structures

... and assume responsibility to build the architecture to a performance and cost that matches or exceeds specifications.

Operation, support, configuration and testing

Wrightia can assume the maintenance and operational support of your integration plaftform, implementing ongoing improvement developments, configuration and environment management and test and code quality assurance.

Optimize, error-solving and rationalizing services

Maintenance and operational responsibilities may include error finding and correction of services and adjacent systems, as well as identifying opportunities to optimize choking points and heavy loaded services.

Wrightia developed unique software, such as the Service Profiler for webMethods and the Datun Offloading Tool to support teams and systems efficiency.

SOA Governance

Implementing governance standards, processes and procedures and train teams to operate according to standards and policies, for development, support, operation, security, configuration, environments and testing.

Integration platform migration

Wrightia has the experience migrating, updating, upgrading and consolidating business critical integration architectures.

Our approach increases resilience and up-to-date software with increased performance and significantly reduced licensing, development, support and hardware costs.

Success client story

We helped a customer migrating his integration platform in 9 different versions of the integration platform spread among 120 servers using 7 different operating system versions.

The migration happened with minimal downtime with only one integration platform version and one operation system version, in the end, we also cleaned more than five thousand services.

For a customer we design standards and implement tools to support all its regional subsidiaries enforcing common practices between them when developing its common integration platform, like:

1. Internal and external code audit
2. Automated testing
3. Automated and standardized deployment

The application of these standards and tools has decreased average deployment time for new releases, improved the balance between global and local server usage and streamlined licensing, reducing cost.

Technologies we use