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Performance Injections

Our basic building block is the Performance Injection sprint, it gets its roots from 6 sigma and Agile thinking. A Performance Injection may include one, several or all layers of the IT stack to find the issue or issues that, when fixed, will deliver the expected performance benefit.

Performance injections sprint

We look at speed

We create user interfaces and our core functions are optimizing applications and their systems. We also optimize middleware and databases at same time we compromise in finding and removing bottlenecks.

We look at the speed and we optimize applications and their systems

And we generally find a lot more

A performance project typically unearths as many other issues as issues related to performance. Governance, bugs, configuration, testing and even architectural issues are common. While the process won’t address them, we do report everything we find.

We do it with your people

Implementation is done by your people, with our support. In general they actually have good knowledge of what to do, it’s just that we are used to connect dots, done it before and got the time to do it. That way they too understand what we have found and what to change and that knowledge stays in your team.

We do the implementation with your people and our support

We look at the cost

We are compromised with reducing the licensing costs and the technical debt. We also reduce servers needed to run a system at same time we reduce downtime and disruption risks.

Costs and services reduction

Success Client Story

In order to solve performance issues in a critical system, it was necessary to perform a database reorganization and data purge. Instead of using normal processes of database restructuring, that typically imply 3 days of downtime for the customer operation, Wrightia applied its own methodology and tools to do the work with less than 1-hour downtime in off-peak hours.

Success Client Story

A customer needs predictable and fast response times from their Online Services. With our methodology and the application of a sustained analysis of different factors, we were able to special services and restricting calculation and data selection that fit the user needs. This approached allowed improving the service but most importantly it enabled controlling the variability of Service Response Times.

Success Client Story

We developed an automated correction script to simplify a manual process and eliminated 95% of the work being done to fix issues with network provisioning. That made it possible to shorten the order process time by 4 hours.